Der Weg liegt im Herzen • The path lies within the heart

Anja Mays Traditional Healer

Anja’s interest in ancient wisdom and alternative healing modalities began with acupuncture and the concept of the relationship of body, mind and soul in traditional Chinese medicine. This ignited a passion within her to live in alignment with her natural gifts. Further exploration ultimately led her to IceWisdom, and her teacher and mentor, Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, who gave her the name Assagiarsuk. This is "the one with many hands that can touch very deeply.”  The many arms are a great strength for her - like the arms of the octopus, which can bring a lot to the surface at once. In her private practice, Anja’s goal is that everyone finds the place where they can best develop their potential. When she is not working with clients, or teaching children, you will find her traveling with Angaangaq. His message, “Never close the door again" to the shamanic world - it is wonderful. As a member of COWK, she extends the same invitation to you, bridging between allies, generations - and a life in ceremony.

Her languages for sessions or ceremonies are german (mothertongue) and english.